I want to write a book

One thing authors hear most often is “I want to write a book.” However, if you’ve begun the process you may have realized that you do not have the time to devote to finishing the book you have in you. As your ghostwriter, I will take your idea or semi-completed project and complete it for you in a timely, professional manner.

You will have the final say in all of the project. Before we begin everything will be clearly stated so that you know the date your book will be completed, it’s length, and what the final cost will be. There are no hidden fees.

If you’ve been searching for the right ghostwriter, you understand how much the fees vary. My goal is to keep my fees as low as possible to allow everyone to tell their story. The time it will take varies on the amount of research required to write the project, however, the average completion date for a 150-200 page book is three months.

The stages you can expect are:

a) Initial interview between you and me so I can get the feel of your personality and your vision for the book

b) I will conduct the interviews and research required, and then produce a first draft for you

c) You will review your first draft and we will discuss any changes needed

d) You will receive the final draft.

If you feel I can help you, please contact me with the idea for your book and we can begin to talk about the process in greater depth.