My name is Janice Hildreth. I am a retired pastor’s wife, writer and women’s speaker. My husband, Michael and I have three adult children and seven grandchildren–three of whom live here in the Treasure Valley.

I live to read. And if I didn’t reread books I’m not sure I’d find enough books to satisfy me. I have been both published via a national publishing house and self-published. I decided when my agent retired that I really wasn’t interested in chasing after someone else’s approval and instead chose to self-publish the rest of my books.

Since I was small, I have loved words. I sold my first article to a now-defunct women’s magazine while living in Washington and it fueled a life-long dream to be a full time writer.  Words are the perfect vehicle to express love, anger, despair, laughter, and every other emotion known to humankind. Their power is far reaching and lasting. How could you not be impressed by their power? From childhood I journaled, adored essay questions, and thought term papers were a special treat for enduring boring classes.

The result of this are thus far seven books with the seventh hopefully released early next year. I wrote my first book, What Would the Bible Say? in 2003 for AdamsMedia while working full-time, helping pastor a church,  and with three teens and a husband in the house that still needed Mom’s touch.

Over the years I have written Sunday school lessons, devotionals and plays. I began a 6-page monthly newsletter for pastors’ wives while working for Focus on the Family many years ago to offer “practical and spiritual encouragement to women married to ministers.” When webpages came along I learned to blog. Through it all, I have exercised my love for words.

I hope you will check back again and again with me. This site is to introduce myself and to order my books. You may enjoy checking my blog for pastors’ wives. I’ve virtually stopped adding to it but have uploaded my essays from the PastorsWife issues from the past two decades.

I hope you will check back again and drop me a line.

God bless,


An independent Christian publisher.